MNI Credit Report Charging my credit card illegally

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I got a free credit report from truecredit report on May 27, 2010.I posted on my computer to cancel the services within the seven(7) days and that is what I did.

The woman on the phone kept asking why I wanted to cancel the service and I told her I did not need it any longer. She was quite adamant and I specifically told her to cancel it. I discovered some company:MNI credit report has been deducting $14.95 each month from my credit card that I did not authorize. I needed a one time credit report, but they ignore my request to cancel this service.

Since July 2010; this $14.95 has been wrongfully deducted from my account. I called them and received comments such as." maybe your credit card information was compromised." Maybe it was a family memmber". "You should have been checking your credit card statement." Now that put me over the top.

This has to

MNI Credit - Did not get credit report

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Not resolved

I have tried to cancel this account, have not been able to and still get charged per month.Do I get a refund??????I also do not remember if I even signed up for this service, or was scammed into thinking I would be called if someone was fragrantly using my credit to scam me.I still cannot bele\ieve that a company could exist without the authorties going after them.

I will contact my attorney general about this and see if even they are aware if this scam to the American people.Thanks for letting me vent my frustations.Go get them

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Will not let me cancel account at mni credit

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Not resolved

Every time I call to cancel my account they convince me to stay and I have trouble saying no.I want to be able to cancel my account without somebody giving me a hard time about it.

I am currently unemployed and can't afford to pay $4.97 each month. I am currently looking for a job with a job coach.

I hope to find a job soon but until than I really need to cancel my account.When I have I job and am earning money I might reopen my account, But until I find a job I can't afford to keep this account.

MNI Credit - Credit report charges

Fort Huachuca, Arizona 1 comment
Not resolved

i would like to get returned my funds to my account now and do not charge me again for a credit report that i do not check nor do i need your name is michael oatis and my acoount is with usaa.

you should know the account number because you just debited my acount for 14.95 on 12 Jan. 2011. so please do not take anymore of my funds out of my account please.

i do not need your services any longer, is this the only way you can get money from people is to sneek it out of there accounts.Bogus!!!!

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MNI they are a big rip-off, they even charged me 14.95, and i did not authorize them to do so...I cannot believe people can actually get away with it!!!

MNI Credit - What is this charge for? it was supossed to be free.

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Not resolved

I cant find a phone number for mni so i can call to stop these charges.does anyone have it?

email: florineta@yahoo if u do? thanks

I got an email once about a job, and to sent them a credit report thats how they know i am serious about the job. so i did a credit report, they even had the website in the email for to do the free credit report. So i did and sent it to them but of course i never got an answer back.

Next thing i see charges on my account, when it clearly stated it, they will not charge.i am so pissed having to go thru al this.

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Mni credit report - my debit card was charged $14.95 I did not authorize this.

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Not resolved

mni credit report charged my account $14.95 and not only did I not receive a credit report, I was lead to believe this was a trial and my account would not be charged. I received no email confirmation or no report or even an opportunity to decline or accept any type of membership. I just saw the charge on my debit card on 12/20/2010. This is a RIP OFF and I am mad I want my money back!!!! Where is my credit report? I not receive even an email notice this is such an injustice!

Deborah Gosnay

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MNI Credit - DBI Columbia charged unathorized transaction on account.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 17 comments

When you try to conact this company, they do not give you any information, or explination on how they got the account information.They will not refund any transactions, without you giving them any information.

The account I am talking about was charged several times @ 25.94 each time.

Someone needs to find this company and get the money back.

There should be some kind of information sent out so that people will not sign up, or order certain items on line, that is how these companies get information and use your account to get $$ money illegally.Watch your account closely.

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Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #682101

they are still at this ***!just took $475.50 out of my account!

I have not ordered anything from them! seriously its like they new when i was getting paid and the next day they took my money!



The ex marine....

Who do you fill out the fraud report on?

Thank you.


im very upset with dbi for all the people they have scam i dnt have much money they r taking from my 8 yr old son i got smart i hired a lawyer to handle this since they wont give my money back im hitting hi and gonna get more than what they took from me if they dnt want me to procceed with theese actions they need to contact me at


These people, DBI Columbia House, have made two unauthorized withdrawals from my acount.I have never had any transactions with these thiefs.

Everyone needs to know their ethics.Very Ticked Off!!!!!!


Money was taken from my account as well by DBI Columbia House.I don't know how they got my card specs.

I was informed by Master Card that possible fraude took place and I blocked my card immediately.

I got a new card and filled in a fraude formular to get the money back.The fraude took place 4 times in three days; except from Columbia House, there were also Big Fish Games, GRC Proactiv solution and GRC Sheer cover.


This company is just am annoying scam- I've changed several debit cards bc of them and they still manage to get my account info and again charge 27.50 a mo.I've never purchased anything from them and I have to now spend my precious time filing fraud reports.

The banks should just never pay this company without asking the customer- with so many complains you'd think they learn to question...but no, every now and then some charge slips through


They did the same thing to me. I am changing all my account numbers. SR Smith



DBI just took $91 out of my account and I didn't order anything. What's going on, I've been certainly robbed!!


I just logged into my account and found out that DBI took 75.75 out of my account as well. What can we did to stop this and get our money back??? Please help


This company is ***. They how are in the market,how can life yet? It is joke!


DBI is a scam.U can get ur money back from the credit card co.

by filling a fraud takes about 30 days.


I have USAA and they took 75.75 from my account while I was on Vacation! WTF these people need to get a life and stop stealing peoples money! UGH

Padiham, England, United Kingdom #290770

:( I was charged by this company and they don't even have a record of me!!I work at the bank and know how things work.

This company should be doing their job and checking account numbers to validate the name associated with it.Now my coworkers have to do the work to get my money back because the company causing the issue says they are unable to do anything about it!


these bastards took money from my account and I "never" ordered anything from them.. I have no idea how they got my account information and I believe my bank thinks i am lying about ordering something.

there are several debits in my statement that is questionable, things that I never ordered nor received.

this *** needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Columbia House CD and DVDs


:cry :( THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME, THEY JUST RANDOMLY TOOK $27 FROM MY CREDIT CARD! I will report this company and make them go to prison!


:( I don't know who DBI is but I will find out and let my lawyer deal with this. People watch out. They took $41.20 out of my checking account and I am Bad!!!!

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 6 comments

I tried to pull a report from this company, which they where not able to locate??? then I had to cancel and had a confirmation which was canceled in the trial period, then a month later without any notcie they took money out of my checking account, when i called i was informed that i canceled the domain membership but will be charged every month for credit protection services , which i did not sign up for, as i was talking to BRandon at this company he was not a friendly person, i believe his exact words where "would you hold on a *** min and shut up" well once these words came out of his mouth he knew the mistake he had made and then all of a sudden there was a superviser in the office today who was able to approve refunds, so dont let these crooks tell you there is no one in the office who can approve this. they are fakes!

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I had 4 charges from this company in the past two months.All charges were on the same days (14 and 21) and the same amount (14.94).

I've never signed up for any credit report, nor needed one.I'm going to contact my credit card company and see what they can do.


I contacted mni credit report cancelled my trial and got my money back


Don't listen to #3, they're a *** who doesn't know what it's like to have money stolen from them.

This company STOLE money from me, when I have never signed up for any services online that would require a credit/debit card number (at most I have bought things online from and I expect that they got my information from my PC either from a Keylogger or from my Cookie files). Funny thing is I don't even have credit, I have never used a credit card, never used loans, etc. So why would I even need a credit report? :)

IF YOU SEE THESE GUYS ON YOUR BANK STATEMENT REPORT IT TO YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY AS FRAUD. If your bank is good, they SHOULD understand. My bank is Wells Fargo and they completely refunded my money back and may be persueing this company to press charges against them(seems like I'm not the only one). Good luck, and may these bastards go down!


You can cancel the service by calling 866.883.3309. what a sham they are!


For the one comment that is on here I will have to say this.I am being charged and I have no clue who these people are I never signed up for anything that has to do with them. So you have no idea what you are saying. So you can take the statement you made and stick it up uranus.


TO ALL YOU PEOPLE POSTING RIDICLOUS COMPLAINTS: you just wanted to draw atetntion to yourself.all of you al ahould be adhamed of yourselves.

you DID sign up for this sevice. if you "supposedly cancelled acct." you would NOT have been billed. Have some common sense. if it says "FREE" but then askes for your credit card or check card...


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MNI credit report

Tigard, Oregon 2 comments
Not resolved

I was contacted by MNI credit report advising me that I could get for $1.00 charge my credit report.I advised them that I already have protection through my bank that covers this and that I would not need their assistance.

Today I look at my bank account and they charged my credit card a total of $14.95 for something I did not request or ask for.On their web page there is no place to contact them to cancel this transaction or phone # to call anyone either on this, and I am one *** of pissed of lady.

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MNI credit report company is a fraud company.they showed me free credit report.but they charged $14.95 from my checking account without my permission.I don't give them checking account no.I don't know how to get this number.I am finding their contact number.


Here is the info I got back when I contacted MNI regarding the charge to my credit card.

We own the domain name you used to contact us, but we are not the company you are looking for. We do not provide credit reports and do not charge people's credit cards without their permission.

We get a number of complaints like yours, but we have NO INFORMATION about the company that is scamming people like this over and over. The correct name may be MNI credit report and not MINI credit report, but I am not sure.

I suggest that you contact your credit card company or bank and get them to issue a refund. This seems to be the only way for people to get their money back and cause trouble for the scammers. Contacting your state attorney general and filing a complaint may also be a good idea.

I'm sorry we can't be more help.

Mni credit

Salisbury, Maryland 32 comments

i did not give mni permission to take monies out of my checking account, but they did and caused me to not be able to buy my heart meds .and when i called them all they did was feed me a bunch of bs .

now because they ripped me off i dont know how i will be able to get my heart med this please bewere this company is a theft , so if you dont want to get riped off by this bs company stay away from this site, believe me they are a total rip off and they will get you and when you call them to try and see why they did this they lie to you about how they warn you thatif you dont call after the free trial period you will be billed .but that is a TOTAL LIE so if you dont want to be riped off stay away from this company

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Dear Sirs of Madam:

I want to cancel my account immediately. I have no need for th i s service. I will notify my bank immediately.


EArline A. Bentley



Once you call you will get this in the mail:

Dear Christopher,

We're sorry to lose you!

This email serves as confirmation that we have canceled your CreditWatchâ„¢ credit monitoring service with

Your cancellation confirmation number is: *********

The cancellation is effective immediately and no further credit monitoring fees will be charged to your credit card.

Should you change your mind and wish to reinstate your CreditWatchâ„¢ credit monitoring service at any time, simply log in to the member's area with your user name and password and choose the Activate Credit Monitoring option.

Alternatively, call us toll-free at (866) 883-3309 or email us at

Thank you for choosing for your credit protection and management needs.


The Support Team


Called this number and they agreed to stop billing me.



look yall need to stop taking money off my debit card forreal yo and i am not joking bout this you are really about to *** me off. and i will be contacting yall. do it again...AND YEA MY EMAIL IS


look yall need to stop taking money off my debit card forreal yo and i am not joking bout this you are really about to *** me off. and i will be contacting yall. do it again...AND YEA MY EMAIL IS


For all of u that got the shaft from these scumballs ur best bet is to threatin thiem with a lawyer and ur gonna turn thiem intothe better business bureau and get thiem on the news it may sound crazy but I am no longer billed at all thier number is 1~866~883~3309 and I hope yall get your problems fixed


same thing happened here. They wont quit billing my account, they have overdrawn my account.Just got off the phone with them, they ran me in circles, transferred me, said my info didnt match..and on and on...

This company is a huge fraud..they really need to be stopped!!!!!


I AM also getting 19.95$ taken from my unemployment card that i did not okay them to take money out and now im being charged monthly!!!!!! I am trying to get ahold of them any numbers or anyone got ideas to help me please??? email me at


I AM also getting 19.95$ taken from my unemployment card that i did not okay them to take money out and now im being charged monthly!!!!!! I am trying to get ahold of them any numbers or anyone got ideas to help me please??? email me at


Sean, here is the phone number that I got from them.I got hooked into the scenario that when I agreed to getting my credit report I was agreeing with getting billed.

What a bunch of ***!


Bains, Auvergne, France #240018

Man this snake company keeps charging me every month without my approval, the $14.95. If anybody know they number please let me, because I can't find it know where.


same thing...2 charges 14.95..

these guys are snakes..put me on eternal hold when i called them so i hung up and called the credit card company to report.


today they took $687 from my acct... Does anyone have the number to this company? I am so pissed!


today they took $687 from my acct... Does anyone have the number to this company? I am so pissed!


Similar to above message, I started getting $14.95 charges to my credit card out of the blue.I had absolutely no previous contact with this company.

My first instinct was to call their toll free number. Wrong approach, I soon realized -- fortunately for me, it was after hours and my call did not go through. THIS IS OUT AND OUT FRAUD, for heavens sake. If someone steals something and for whatever reason leaves you their number, do you call them up and negotiate with them?

Of course not, you call the police. Assuming you did not give this *** your credit card number yourself, you account has been breached. It is a hassle, but there is nothing to do but to call your credit card issuer, report fraud, and request a new card number. Don't be wishywashy about this.

Just because you have MNI's number it doesn't mean you should call them. It will just give them an opportunity to mess with you and maybe phish some more information out of you. Maybe the next illegal charge to your account is going to be a round-trip tour to Tahiti. REMEMBER: this is a criminal act you are dealing with.

You do not want to negotiate with MNI -- there is nothing to negotiate. What you want is a credit from your bank. Your bank will protect you if your are firm with them and tell them that your account has been breached and you want a new card.

If the bank has to reverse some charges to your account, they will send you a fraud report to fill out.Be sure to fill it out and return it to them promptly so that they can pursue this *** and put them out of business.


I have same problem, the charge me $14.95 for two month, I don't know where they got my card#????? :?

Comer, Georgia, United States #231311

I can't believe this... I thought it was just me - and I must of released some kind of I see this is how this company operates and treats it's potential customers. THAT IS SO BAD and it's theft if you think about it.


*** these people they called me for 3 weeks and now charged my bank account. Any ways I can get my money back? Email me at nastyn844231@yahoo.(c)o(m) :( :cry


They got me too(14.95), the same way they got most everyone on here. They charged me for 3 months before i noticed. I am disputing the charges now.


Same here, I never dealt or went to NNI*CREDITREPORT.COM website but it charged $14.95 in my credit card n this month. I am disputing the charge with my cc company, MNI*CREDITREPORT.COM is a thief.


I never went to MNI*CREDITREPORT.COM website but it charged $14.95 in my credit card n this month. What's this website? I cannot find its contact phone number.


They got me twice, with a credit card I almost never use except for one utility bill.They must have swiped a bunch of card numbers somehow.

This is nothing but fraud.

$15 per month for credit reports?Nobody even needs that.


MNI started charging $14.95 per month on our credit card, and we had never visited their website.Called our credit card company and the fraud department got MNI on the line and they wanted our SS #, which I refused to give them.

Kept claiming I had opened an account with them (NOT). After much discussion it turns out the the cirthdate and social security # they had on file wasn't mine, even though my name showed. Said they would cancel charges. but next month there is another charge for $14.95!

Called the credit card company again, went thorugh the whole story again, and they canceled the charges and closed the card at our request.Ugh.


:( I noticed two charges for 11.95 on my credit card statement (which is automatically paid each month) and called the 866 number.They told me that I could cancel "my credit report" but my husband had to cancel his himself.

They explained that his and my name were together (we are married after all) so that was how his name was "set up seperately"????? This was not asked for and as others have noted, was not requested. I tried going to the bank and got the same run around that the only thing they could do was cancel our card but that would not guarentee that the company would not start automatically charging the new card?!?. With all the "stuff" that goes with that, I had hoped that I could clear this up with MNI Credit Report in a civil way.

That is not working. I want to write a letter but do not have the address to send it to (one my husband can sign off so they stop the charges).

I have in the meantime, written the bank requesting Federal Regulation E be followed and they dispute the charges.Not much help but hope it gets someone one step closer to resolving the same issue.


I was taking a survey that called for me to get a credit score, I did so.I did read the terms and conditions,I alo cancelled just like they said to do,five minutes after I got the info,and also unsubscribed to the site.They still took money out of my account which caused me $80.00 dollars in overdraft fees.So don't try and tell this person who is going without their Heart meds it is there fault.You don't know that for sure.

They are thiefs,and rip offs.:(


If mni credit report has charged you it is either you authorized it or some else has authorized it using you information.When you order your free report and score you authorize them to do so.

It tells you in three different places on the site that when you order your free score and report that your signing up for free trial for monitoring service and that you will be charged a monthly fee after the free trial if you do not cancel before the trial is over.

the toll free number to call to cancel is listed on the website.People need to read the terms and conditions before the agree to anything!!!!!!


Have read all kinds of stuff lately about all of this. Said when someone does get nailed but when they never ever went to any sites or odered anything like my wife and now have 11 charges listed below so if you see any stop them or if you have even visited the site be aware.

06/17/2010 MNI*CREDITREPORT $12.95

06/17/2010 SUPPORT@GAMEFLY $9.49

06/17/2010 IDENTITY GUARD $1.00

06/17/2010 MBM*LIMOGES JEWE $4.99

06/17/2010 MNI*CREDITREPORT $29.95

06/17/2010 RN *REAL.COM ONL $29.95

06/17/2010 DBI*COLUMBIA HOUSE $6.33

06/17/2010 STAMPS.COM $21.98

06/17/2010 LOC*LIFELOCK $9.00

06/17/2010 US SEARCH $19.95

06/17/2010 LOC*LIFELOCK $1.00

Totals $0.00 $117.64

How would you like to see all this all done while asleep lime most working people. Have had this happen before and have ways of dealing with them. Alway got all my money back.

I will not post this in open forum however if you like you may contact through email and give pointers and help. dsranieri[@]verizon[.]net email written so spam bots do not harvest address.

First step is to stop signing up for these bonus cards at stores, read fine print sometimes even pharmacies. When signing reciepts a check box saying may we send you info on discounts NO WAY that gives permission for places of business to sell your info. Get a virus program that allows you to password protect the program itself not share security settings with other software on local machine and last but not least a place to keep your email addy, contact info, credit and banking information in. However make sure that it asks you to confirm by entering a password to allow this information to the requesting party.

Sign up for a good bank that watches your accounts and when charges come like this they shut down the card immediately contact the account holder by phone and ask them to come to the bank NEVER give out any details to phone callers, debt collectors or anyone. Then dispute charges with bank they will see this is not your transaction history. They will or mine does have to let the transactions post then file papers usually day after transactions are cleared. My bank assured us that car, rent, utilities and such would be taken care of.

Sheesh my fingers are tired. Our best and fastest advocate for this kind of abuse has been the Attorney Generals office.

One final rule of thumb. Never ever think things are free. You want free go to sourceforg for programs that run the gambet. If want credit checks go to your local credit agency Like "central credit" in person pay the 12 dollars or what ever it is and get a print out not only can this protect you but you can if you are rebuilding your credit add letters to it like payments made and such.

Last example my wife works for a publishing company and can recieve comlumbia house for free *LOL* get my point.

Take it from me calling these places the first thing is usually asked is may we have your name, address, and other info. Do not fall for it.

Peace Out,

David R.


Also call your credit card company and dispute the charge. I got all my money back.


MNI charged me 14.95 monthly without my anthorization. They did not provide a service.


Here is where to get someone to talk to. Be sure to get a confirmation number and the name of who you talk to. Try to talk reasonably, no matter how ticked off you are. It'll work out better for you if you do.

MNI (Mighty Net Inc.)

9040 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Floor 2 Canoga Park, CA 91304

Phone: 800-720-4420

Good Luck!!


Call 800-720-4420.I had the same issue with them.

I asked for a full refund, but they would only give me a refund from the last month charge.If any one has had success in retrieving a full refund, please let me know how you were able to do this.


MNI charged me 14.95 monthly without my anthorization. And I cannot cancel the "service".

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