When you try to conact this company, they do not give you any information, or explination on how they got the account information.They will not refund any transactions, without you giving them any information.

The account I am talking about was charged several times @ 25.94 each time.

Someone needs to find this company and get the money back.

There should be some kind of information sent out so that people will not sign up, or order certain items on line, that is how these companies get information and use your account to get $$ money illegally.Watch your account closely.

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Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #682101

they are still at this ***!just took $475.50 out of my account!

I have not ordered anything from them! seriously its like they new when i was getting paid and the next day they took my money!



The ex marine....

Who do you fill out the fraud report on?

Thank you.


im very upset with dbi for all the people they have scam i dnt have much money they r taking from my 8 yr old son i got smart i hired a lawyer to handle this since they wont give my money back im hitting hi and gonna get more than what they took from me if they dnt want me to procceed with theese actions they need to contact me at theonlyangelbaby27@hotmail.com:grin


These people, DBI Columbia House, have made two unauthorized withdrawals from my acount.I have never had any transactions with these thiefs.

Everyone needs to know their ethics.Very Ticked Off!!!!!!


Money was taken from my account as well by DBI Columbia House.I don't know how they got my card specs.

I was informed by Master Card that possible fraude took place and I blocked my card immediately.

I got a new card and filled in a fraude formular to get the money back.The fraude took place 4 times in three days; except from Columbia House, there were also Big Fish Games, GRC Proactiv solution and GRC Sheer cover.


This company is just am annoying scam- I've changed several debit cards bc of them and they still manage to get my account info and again charge 27.50 a mo.I've never purchased anything from them and I have to now spend my precious time filing fraud reports.

The banks should just never pay this company without asking the customer- with so many complains you'd think they learn to question...but no, every now and then some charge slips through


They did the same thing to me. I am changing all my account numbers. SR Smith



DBI just took $91 out of my account and I didn't order anything. What's going on, I've been certainly robbed!!


I just logged into my account and found out that DBI took 75.75 out of my account as well. What can we did to stop this and get our money back??? Please help


This company is ***. They how are in the market,how can life yet? It is joke!

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